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The journey began when at 16 years old, Taylor pulled together a home-made microphone, recorded on nothing but a windows 98 PC in his room, and posted his no-budget creations to Youtube.
After MCíng in clubs in his hometown, Swindon, UK, TJ was able to fund his very own music video.

The online presence was noticed in the UK and TJ independently managed to find play-listing on one of the most popular British urban music channels. This first promo 'Fallen Out' unexpectedly soared to #2 in the Official UK Urban Charts and remained in the top 5 for the following 8 weeks.

TJ’s first official release titled 'Rock This Party’ flew to #6 in Poland, hitting #25 in the German Dance Charts, #16 in Austria amongst placements on the most successful dance compilations (Kontor House of House).
The single catapulted Taylor into performing to crowds of 40K in some of the biggest arenas internationally. The heat started here – which snowballed into live singing on national radios, performing at award shows and TV interviews and live touring across Europe.

Taylor is now featured in magazines, attending red-carpet award ceremonies, has confirmed TV tours and is even interviewing some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film.

Taylor Jones

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